Security and Compliance

The safety of your information is of critical importance in today’s world.  Almost daily are reports of large corporations that have been breached.  Most intrusions occur through security gaps that could have easily been prevented.  Are your clients asking you what type of security do you have in place for their proprietary data?  Do you have a good answer?

Winter Media is an expert in the field of Security Evaluations and Certifications.  Large organizations (your customers) are becoming increasingly insistent on requiring a minimum set of processes, security measures and certifications throughout their supply chain and vendors. Winter Media can help, because Security and Compliance is important.

Winter Media has vast experience with managing and mitigating certification processes for our clients.  We can manage the process from end to end and ensure you have the processes, procedures and systems in place to meet the strictest requirements of your clients.

Contact us today for an evaluation of your security readiness.